My Work

The most enjoyable work I do is creating promotional videos. This ranges from behind-the-scenes to low-key narrative work and even some informational types.

Check a few of my videos out below!

As the communications executive for University Program Council, I am always thinking of creative ways to engage with our students. The following is an example of an Instagram story graphic I created for an event we had coming up. (I did not personally create the last graphic.)

I manage UPC’s social media pages: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

This next piece was also used for Instagram story purposes. I am a part of a student run magazine here on campus called Thread. This magazine does “Insta Takeovers” and asked me to create a motion graphic for the beginning of each takeover. I had never created one before but took on the challenge of learning and now I can’t wait to use this awesome tool for future projects!

I was required to create an infographic for a content curation project for a class. Below is my final product. I created this from scratch using pre-made graphics.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 3.34.43 AM

I also dabble in photography – you can check out my full site here, but I’ll give you a taste of my work below!