Hello hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Jessica Lucas and I’m currently a student at Ohio University – School of Media Arts & Studies and loving every second of it. With a degree in Integrated Media, and a Social Media Certificate, I’m hoping to put my videography skills to work in (almost) any way possible. I’m always making new goals to strive for!

At the moment my interest lies in creating short, fun, promo-type videos that bring events and organizations to life. Another fascination of mine is photography, and I’ve loved exploring new places with my camera ever since I was about 15!

This little blogging adventure started out as a gig for a student run fashion magazine here on my campus, but now it also serves as a space for me to explore new things, express my taste in music, art, or fashion and ramble on about life happenings. Check out Thread Magazine here!

I’m inspired by good music, art that makes you feel something, incredible cinematography, the occasional trip to Home Goods, long drives, big cities and people who are passionate about what they do.

Things I love: pretty fonts, old pictures, warm scarves, lots of TV shows, thrift stores, great home decor, windy roads, anything Disney, cooking, Christmas lights, the smell of autumn, mugs, abandoned houses, succulents and cacti, and so much more!

My dream jobs include: working for a magazine, a digital media and entertainment company, in fashion, in television, making music videos and the ultimate – working in film. (But of course, a part of me will always strive to be a singer-songwriter.)