Everything You Need to Know About Warby Parker

Recently I’ve been seeing Warby Parker plastered across my Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook feeds. I love any home-try on service (like Stitch Fix or Rocks Box) and so it was only right I give this one a go too! I’ve had my glasses for about two years, and before that I had about three pair … in one year … that I had ordered online. 

Ordering glasses online sounds like a good idea, but I found my frames becoming loose (quickly), or scratched. Without having a place to go for repairs I decided it was probably better if I stick to the store bought frames.

BUT – I’m pretty impressed by Warby Parker! Here’s everything you need to know about their awesome products and services!


How It Works

This is the simple part of it all – only 3 steps!

  1. Pick out five frames online. (They ship for free.)
  2. Try them on at home, and see which ones you like best. What’s cool is that they will even help you choose! They have personal stylists that can text you and help you choose the best looking pair if you need another opinion!
  3. Ship them back after 5 days (again, for free!), and place your order on their site.

You can also order “at home try on” more than once! (Which is especially great for people who have decision making anxiety – cough cough – me.)

Low Quality Prices for High Quality Glasses

Okay, so they aren’t AMAZINGLY CHEAP – like many other online eyeglasses retailers, BUT they are most definitely worth it. They still beat the stores by hundreds of dollars. The price you find on these frames include prescription lenses! No additional costs – you buy the lenses and frames at one combined price, so no surprises! The pair I liked the most was only $95, but the most expensive pair I received was $145.

THE LENSES come with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and superhydrophobic (this is the magical coating that makes water droplets roll off instead of flatten) lens coatings. 100% UV protectant. In my experience, most online retailers would make you pay extra for those features (bumping up the price quite a bit – while still selling poorly made frames).

THE FRAMES are absolutely the most sturdy I’ve seen from an online source. They are durable, the screws are tight and they feel like they are made to last. The frames also fit really well. They weren’t falling off or hurting my ears. Plus, they are super stylish, unique – and there’s tons to choose from!

They also sell a little bit of everything – non-prescription glasses, reading glasses, AND sunglasses.


Insurance CAN Help

I loved this company already, but I wasn’t completely sure if I’d be able to use my insurance – because c’mon, what’s the point of having eye insurance if you can’t even use it (for the things that ACTUALLY help you see)? Warby Parker does accept insurance – sort of. They are considered “out-of-network” providers which means you pay them up front, and then you can file for a refund through your insurance company. (If your plan has an “out-of-network” benefit.)  This may seem like a lot of work – but for the price of these lenses, it pays to put in a little extra effort!

The Important Stuff

Your prescription is the most important piece of this equation, so how do you get it to them? They make it SUPER simple. You can either upload a photo of it at checkout, finish checkout and THEN upload your prescription, OR they can even call your doctor for you. Uh, yeah. You don’t even have to do the work, they can figure it all out for you – I’d say that’s pretty great customer service!

Don’t like them after all? You can return or exchange them within 30 days.

Get a scratch? They offer a free 1 year warranty that will replace your scratched lenses!

The Only Downfall

Not every pair qualifies for the at home try on. There were a few pairs I came across that I really wanted, but I wasn’t able to try them on. I guess all-in-all that isn’t a HORRIBLE sacrifice, but it’s definitely a bummer.


So whether your looking for a new pair of shades for spring break, or it’s time to update your 2 year old glasses – save yourself some time and money by checking out Warbey Parker! 








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