My Top 5 Online Clothing Stores (that won’t break the bank)

As a girl who is constantly looking for thrifty finds and cute closet additions, I’ve become quite adept to online shopping – even as a broke college kid! 

When I have a little extra money, or just want to browse the possibilities that could soon be in my wardrobe (stress shopping anyone?), these are the online shops I hit up right from the comfort of my couch.

When online shopping I always do a few things first:

  • ALWAYS check the entire sale section first! There’s always at least a few cute things in there and at a super discounted price!
  • When searching, always set your filter to “low-high”, then not only do you see the lowest priced items first – but you get a feel for just how discounted they actually are starting off at. Then you know if the sale section is even worth looking at! (But I also do this in any section.)
  • Before you finish at the checkout google “*insert store here* promo codes” and a list of coupon codes will bless your browser. I really like going here for these most of the time!
  • SIDETONE: I recently did that when shopping at Sephora and got a free deluxe sample! Super awesome!


I love this place. I recently learned about it from a youtuber I keep up with and I’m so glad I  ventured over here! Boohoo is super cheap, but pretty good quality for what you pay! They have a HUGE selection too which is always a plus!



Okay, I know what you are thinking: “This is NOT an online store!”  but to be honest, I’d much rather shop online at Forever 21! Every time I go into one of those I feel like I can’t even focus. Yes there are super rad clothes all over the place, but that’s the thing – most of the time they are all. over. the place. (in my experience) Now their accessory section I could spend days in. 

Take a chance on the web and give online ordering a shot! You may be surprised.


3. Necessary Clothing

Okay well – they’ve got the name thing down. Ha! I love their clothes! They are a tiny bit pricier than the previous two, but the quality is up there too! I love how you can sort what you want to see by the style you are looking for. It’s super helpful!



New Chic has a little bit of everything – and stuff for every age. But that also means you do have to do a little digging to find exactly what you want, but hello – that is what netflix and chill is for! But you there’s some great finds on there and it’s extremely affordable! Check it out!



This is another good one that won’t suck every last dollar out of your wallet because it is by far the cheapest site on this list. I love this one because I can also find professional looking clothes. (Hello job interviews.) BUT warning – there have been some bad reviews about sizing being a little off. I’ve never had a bad experience, but just putting that out there!


That’s just a glimpse of what the online mall looks like – I do plan to add to this list so definitely keep checking back for an update, I’ll only add stores that I’ve actually ordered from so my word is legit!

 Now get that credit card ready and click away! 




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