Antiquated Love

It happens every time. When I pass a shop full of old, rusty gems, I can’t help but venture inside. I love seeing what every antique store has to offer. This little place is in Athens —right off of Court Street. It’s filled with mysteries, nicknacks, and other little treasures.


There’s just something about old things that makes my heart happy. I look at the relics and imagine a time when they were once adored, or “pre-loved“. So much history! Someone loved each item in this store enough to buy it when it was brand new. There weren’t any dings or dust on them, and the paint was fresh. It may have even been someone’s most prized possession. Some of the items could have been used every single day. Most of these things belong to a time when commodities were made for quality and not quantity.


Some of the things sitting on the shelves are just everyday items. Glass pop bottles, mason jars, cookie tins — things that aren’t as “normal” in today’s world, but someone thought: “Hey, these are worth keeping around.”


I challenge you to go into an old antique shop and give a few moments to an item that intrigues you. Think of its journey. From the first time it was bought to the very shelf it sits on in front of you. Who bought it? What secrets does it hold?

And sometimes even: what is it?





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