All Wrapped Up

As I get older, giving gifts throughout the holiday season means so much more to me than receiving. Finding the perfect gift takes patience, but it’s completely worth seeing their faces light up! Every year I tend to spend more and more time choosing how to wrap them up (you could say I get a little carried away). I believe it makes the whole experience of receiving a gift more meaningful if you put the same amount of effort into wrapping the gift as you do finding it!


This year I turned to my guilty pleasure, Pinterest, for a plethora of cute ideas and found one that really spoke to me! It was simple and warm with a touch of vintage flair.

I found the wrapping paper at my local Meijer, tons of cute ribbon from the dollar section at Target (another one of my guilty pleasures), and the ornaments or trinkets from the dollar store! These were such easy finds and when put together they made my gifts look like a Christmas decoration!

I had so much fun creating these packages for my family and friends, especially because each one was unique. Another great find on Pinterest was printable tags and Christmas-themed cut-outs. Not one tag was alike, and I loved that because it allowed me to match each tag to each specific person. For example, my mom loves birds and bird houses, so she got a tag with an adorable little bird on it! It was the final touch of making each gift stand out.


This is just another exciting way to celebrate the holidays and exercise your creative side. I had tons of fun and cannot wait to see what kind of wrapping project I delve into next holiday season!



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